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Front Door is focussed on the needs of service users with complex needs and part of this work takes the form of projects that focus on building bridges and clearing blockages surrounding the current service provisions in the city. Projects are constantly evolving as issues and solutions become apparent. Some issues we have identified we recognise that our role is to work with others mandated to make progress in these areas. 
Projects completed which are offering services from Bell St. Our outreach arrangements and with partner agencies
Service Mapping Report Completed and issued the first edition of the 'Service Mapping' report in hard cover, on the internet and on CD
Info- wall Our 24/7 information display for services available in Wolverhampton at 2 - 3 Bell Street in the city centre
Directory of Services Completed and issued the second edition of the directory in hard cover, on the internet and on CD
Home starter Kits Obtained sponsorship and have kits to distribute
Homeless Survey Took part in the annual survey with extended remit
Walk in Centre We opened our project at 2 - 3 Bell Street in the city centre.
Rough Sleeper's Kits Obtained sponsorship and have kits to distribute
Needle Exchange In partnership with the Health Authority the needle exchange is open at 2-3 bell St  (part of our Harm Reduction project) Opening times are 1.45pm to 4.45pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 1.45pm to 4.00pm Fridays
Identity Building Project Phase 1 opened for rough sleepers to keep essential information safe until they can sort themselves out
Currently we are actively working as a team of Directors, Staff and Volunteers on the following 
Volunteers Project Working with volunteers who wish help in our work ( We currently have 9 volunteers supporting our work)
Service Mapping 3 The next release of the Services Directory (incorporating the annual rough sleepers count)
Rough Sleepers Kits Working with the community to fund the 'Rough Sleepers' and 'New Tenancy Kits' we distribute
Life Skills Project A skills and mentoring project to enable homeless people obtain the practical and educational skills to sustain a tenancy lifestyle.
Identity Building Project A repository for rough sleepers to keep essential information and development of a project to help them assemble key information to prove identity and access services.
Harm Reduction Project Working with concerned professionals and agencies to help drugs users towards safer living.
Care Pathways Project A major project to help link existing pathways to enable a holistic approach to helping the excluded and most needy
Access to Healthcare Identifying ways forward for those most excluded by circumstance from current health care and helping them to access essential health services.
2006 Project Continues  with Phase 2 of the Front Door project and our widening role.
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Accepting, caring and supporting by offering choices to fulfil ambitions
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